ten Week Program — $7950
Six days a week
all materials provided

"We Know that different people see in different ways. But in the realm of wood and one's work, how does one learn to see? More precisely, in making furniture, how can one predict the outcome, how can one be sure his intentions will be realized in the finished piece." 
- James Krenov

The work of the fine cabinetmaker, conveys more than a trained eye and skilled hands. The work of a fine cabinetmaker is the soulful work that comes from ones heart.

In the Composing program, we begin the pilgrimage of finding our own voice in the craft. We will compose a fine cabinet using skills covered in previous programs and consider the further possibilities which exist in our craft, including veneer, glass, joinery off ninety degrees and on a curve. We will begin with simple sketches and look to the wood for inspiration. When the wood speaks, we, as thoughtful craftsman, do our best to listen. 

Having completed at two established pieces at the school, we will travel the evolutionary approach of composing. We will work thoughtfully and carefully, embrace the concept of flexible accuracy. We will explore not only the how, but the why we do things the way we do.


Application for this program requires completion of Vidar's Chair, a consult with the Program Director & Teacher, and completion of the application package.

Composing Piece 'Homage' by Jake Maughan photography by Ingeborg Suzanne



The following is a short film by Ivy Miller documenting the making of
composing piece 'Enlightenment' by Fergal Spain of County Sligo Ireland.