Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Dovetails & Tool Making

In this program, we will prepare and modify some of our existing tools, and make a few task specific tools including a paring chisel, single bevel knife, small bevel gauge and diagonal sticks.

In cutting fine joinery by hand, we require tools specific to the task at hand. In this program we continue with this process of tool making and modification. We make a few tools specific to laying out, cutting, and fitting, through dovetails. We begin with the making of a paring chisel from an old file. The file, is annealed, or softened, shaped, then hardened and tempered using readily available materials and tools. A single bevel knife and carving knifes are modified from an existing tool using a similar process. 

With the tool making and modification underway, we will prepare the material for our small pencil box. The inside surfaces are polished using the planes made earlier of the program. The joinery is laid out using our shop made bevel gauge with the captured bottom and pencil lid in mind. We then cut, chop and fit the joinery using our shop made and modified tools. A bottom and lid will later be fitted during the frame & Panel segment of the program. The wood for the box will be carefully selected and the joinery will be laid out and cut. 

We take this opportunity to prepare our pocket for Drawer Making & Fitting.

Impractical Studies