Ingeborg Suzanne  photography

Ingeborg Suzanne photography

On the Curve

May 4-15, 2015 — $1590 

In this program, we will leave our straight edges behind, as Jacques Breau takes you through the principle joinery used on a curve in fine cabinetmaking. 

While joinery on the curve is taught in our Impractical Cabinetmaker Program, we recognize that for some it is difficult to set aside several months to attend our school. In this two week program Jacques will guide you through the laying out, cutting of and fitting, joinery on the curve. Methods covered include, curved drawer front dovetails, open mortise and tenon in a curved rail, curved frame and panel and the installing of glass in a curved frame.

In our work, we choose to solve the most uncertain or difficult aspects first. In the second week of the program, students will have the opportunity to work along side Jacques and begin with the most uncertain aspects of a piece to be completed in their own shop. There will be daily discussions, demonstrations, and a daily consult with one of our countries finest craftsman. 

Jacques is an early graduate of our school and has returned each year since, to assist our students in preparation for our yearly exhibitions. He has written several articles for publication including issue 242 of Fine Woodworking magazine. He is a fine craftsman, and a patient and supportive teacher, we are grateful to have him return to launch our 2015 guest faculty programs. Jacques will be presenting a public slideshow of his work at 7pm on Friday May 8th, 2015 at the Gumboot Cafe in Roberts Creek across the courtyard from the school. 

At Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking, we encourage a sensible and sensitive balance between the use of hand and machine tools. However, for this program, there is an expectation that the student have a understanding of how to safely operate machinery. While all exercise materials are provided, material for personal work is the students responsibility.

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