July 17, 2006

Stan, a local woodworker from Gibsons paring a set of tails with a chisel he made earlier in the week. In this program students spend the first two days making tools and use these tools for the final three days cutting dovetails. The tool making continues on throughout the week after the students have been exposed to the possibilities of low tech tool making.

Jim, a woodworker from Wisconsin paring a set of tails. A true Krenovian, Jim especially enjoyed the slide show Friday after class courtesy of Jim Krenov. Jim has already studied under Toshio Odate and Mark Duginske and found the methods taught at this school refined his skills. Jim also spent a great deal of time with our resident craftsman who greatly contribute to our students experience here at the school.

Ernie, from California fitting a set of tails. Ernie's biggest challenge this week was slowing his pace. While at the school he purchased a bumper sticker which reads "Slow Down, Your on Creek Time" which he plans on putting above his bench in his shop. Ernie made two chisels, chopping blocks, a shooting board and finished off the week cutting through and half lapped dovetails. His progression was a pleasure to witness. Ernie lives only a few miles from Michael Mulrooney and will be seeking out some one on one teaching with Michael upon his return to Sonoma.

Stan holds his first set of sweet half lapped dovetails. Stan embraces the philosophy of our school and was a pleasure to have as a student. We hope to see more of him over the coming years.

Back row from left: Stephen, Ian, Bruce, Stan, Jim & Federico.

Front Row from Left: Susan, Robert & Ernie