December 4, 2006

Jacques' uses a file, shooting board and angle jig to shape the sides of his shop made knife hinges to follow the curve of the sides of his cabinet.

Juan's multiple drawer box cabinet complete with edge treatments dry fit ready for finish.

Ian completes the form for the interior tapered laminated frame for leather upholstery. The frame is assembled using double open mortise and tenon joinery. Ian has been busy with preparations of all the forms, jigs and fixtures required to make the two rocking chairs, one in East Indian Rosewood, the other in Teak.

Scott's hinges drilled and shaped prior to reaming. A square and dime show the scale of these finely made hinges using minimalist tools. We were recently contacted by Konrad Sauer, the maker of fine Infill planes, who will be visiting our school sometime in the new year. Konrad was looking for input on hinge making, as he has undertaken the task of making the hinges for his entire kitchen. If his planes are any indication the hinges and kitchen will be spectacular!

Lael cuts the profile in the ends of his curved door panels. Like many of the things we do, Lael put a lot of careful preparation into preparing his material and jigs for what took only a few seconds. The result is impeccable.

Federico is busy exploring the possibilities for the parquetry in his compound curved veneer cabinet of Macassar Ebony and Wenge. Congratulations go out to Federico on the successful completion of the Seattle Marathon last month. He is now setting his sites on the Vancouver marathon which takes place this spring.

Lael's doors ready for finish. All surfaces and edges have been repared and surfaces which will not be worked after glue up have been finished with five coats of shellac and wax.

Robert's rear chair leg in Wenge with mortising nearly complete.

Robert uses a spoke shave and chair scrape to shape rear chair leg.

Jacques uses a knife to layout locations for his shop made knife hinges.

Juliette's mockup spoons of boxwood for ceramic containers of spice box. A nice break from cutting dovetails, she is exploring shape, size and texture before committing to the seven she will need to make for her spice box.

Juan's mock up pulls. In addition to the pulls for this piece, which will likely be of Palisander Rosewood which goes nicely with the Pear and Plum, Juan intends to carve a center rosette which will be nestled between the four boxes.

Jacques' cabinet dry fit with hinges installed. Notice the subtle taper of coopered doors. The workmanship of this piece is exquisite.

New beginnings, Jon had to set his cabinet of Satin Walnut aside for now due to wood movement issues. In the mean time he mocks up a mediation stool, currently underway.

Cole refines the edge treatments of his cabinet prior to the installation of his shop made hinges. Cole has done some beautiful work since arriving at the school. He has complemented his woodwork with plenty of tool making.

Juan uses a gentle touch with a scraper between coats of shellac. A scraper finely honed with a very light hook is ideal for touching up surfaces between coats.

Juliette transfers pins to tails. Juliette has really embraced the heavy emphasis of hand tools in the program.

Federico's top core of laminated yellow cedar dome shaped prior to the crass banding of mahogany. Parquetry starting to take shape underneath.

One of Steve's sweet dovetailed corners in Walnut with shop made paring chisel with Purple Heart handle in foreground. Steve has selected Port Orford Cedar for the bottom and Claro Walnut for the panel in his frame and panel lid.

One of Lael's doors glued up showing softened corners and the precious touch of color of the panels.

Jon cuts one of the practice double mortises with mitered and housed shouldered tenons for his meditation stool of Kwila.

Ian checks the fit of the laminations in his male/ female rocker form. The chair Ian has undertaken is filled with learning as well as teaching opportunities. Ian will be showing the class tapered laminations in the coming weeks.

Yvonne takes a break from her busy schedule to visit with Maaike, Ian and Marnie's daughter.