July 13, 2007

Guest Faculty Program 2007 Garrett Hack from left Robert, Gary, Jamie, Mark, Peter, Paul, Bob, Jordon, Daniel, Brent, Garrett, Stan, Joe, Miriam and Ken.

Jordon from Washington was joined by his lovely family for the week. Jordon is a professional woodworking here for professional development.

Mark and Paul work on scratch stocks. Tool making occupied a great deal of time during the week. Very in keeping with what is taught at our school.

Miriam dials in her block plane for the first exercise. Miriam is from Portland and will be returning next summer for the Artisan Program.

Brent works on inlay. This is Brent’s fifth program at Inside Passage. He has a shop set up in Alberta where he has already completed a number of commissions.

Peter came all the way from Australia to our school. On the opening day he suggested he embraced Jim Krenov’s philosophy and that whenever he came across a piece of furniture in a book or magazine he liked it was often built by Garrett Hack.

One of the fine inlays done during Delightful Details with Garrett Hack. So subtle yet…

Bob from California lays out for an inlay of tulipwood. This was Bob’s second program with Garrett.

Joe working on lead inlay. Joe is a woodworker from Vancouver who recently exhibited his work at the “Edge of the Forest” in North Vancouver.

Garrett explains the process of wrapping foot of leg in silver. Garrett used this method on his last cabinet of Macassar ebony.

Ken and Jamie make sandwich for inlay. Layers and segments are glued in a sequence and then ripped into decorative inlays. Ken is a woodworker from Calgary and was joined by his family for the week. Jamie is a woodworker from Vancouver who learned among other things the joy of working with razor sharp tools.