July 11, 2010

Welcome to our web site and the current publication of Heart Hand and Eye, Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking's newsletter celebrating the work of our students, alumni and faculty.

Craftsman & Artisan Program 2011 Schedule

Artisan Program Changes

You will notice we have made a few changes to our Artisan Program. We have changed a few of the names to more accurately represent the program curriculum and the sequence to facilitate better alignment of the program exercises. The Artisan Program runs Monday through Friday with Saturday as an optional day. Students have access to the shop from 7am-9pm Monday through Friday and from 9am-9pm Saturdays.

Over the past five years, with JK's generous assistance and support, we have made every effort to refine the curriculums of both our Artisan and Craftsman Programs. Each of our programs guide students through three equally important aspects of our craft: the material, the tools and the process.

Beginning in 2011 we will only be offering one session of the Artisan & Resident Artisan Programs May 30th - July 9th. This gives me the opportunity to return to my bench for six weeks of bliss prior to the start of the Craftsman Program to further explore the many subtleties of our craft. This has been a long time coming, and there are no words to adequately convey how grateful I am for this opportunity and for Yvonne making it to happen.

Resident Artisan Program

“We know that different people see in different ways. But in the realm of wood and ones work, how does one learn to see? More precisely, in making furniture, how can one predict the outcome, how can one be sure his intentions will be realized in the finished piece?”

James Krenov 1977

The Resident Artisan Program provides the student an opportunity to become intimately involved in the planning of his or her own craft education. The program offers graduates of our Artisan Program the opportunity to complete a piece under the direction of Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking Program Faculty. The program runs six weeks and space is limited and based on availability. For more information contact the school and arrange for an initial consultation with our Resident Craftsman & Teacher. Beginning in 2011 we will be running only one session of this program.

Peter from New York who has just completed the Artisan Program is staying on for the Resident Artisan Program. Peter will be making a coopered door cabinet with a drawer and frame and panel back in French Walnut and Lebanese Cedar. The cabinet will be professionally photographed and will appear in our next newsletter.

Artisan Programs 2010

We have just completed our first session of this years Artisan Program. Simply pu a wonderful group of people who took full advantage of their time her in and out of school. I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our students. This school not only exists for you but because of you.

Andrea from Montreal, who just completed the Artisan Program will be returning for this falls Craftsman Program. We very much look forward to working with Andrea as she continues her journey.

Graphics & Edges

back row from left: John, Peter, Candice, Tom, Garth, Derek & Ryan
front Row from left:Ray, Austin, Josh, Robert & Dean

Plane Making & Surfaces

back row from left: Peter, Ryan, Dean, Dave, Shannon, Ray, Josh, Alex & Tom
front row from left: Andrea, Candice, Robert & Derek

Drawer Making & Fitting

back row from left: Ryan, Peter, Ray, Den, Alex & Josh
front row from left: Tom, Candice, Robert, Andrea & Derek

Joinery & Balance

back row from left: Ryan, Larry, Peter, Tom, Ray, Maureen, Den, Steve & Rob
front row from left: Candice, Andrea, Robert, Josh & Derek

Veneers & Curves

back row from left: Tom, Alex, Peter, Candice, Dean, Ryan, Andrea
front row from left: Ray, Josh, Robert, Derek, Kim & Francois

Hardware & Finish

back row from left: Hong, Ryan, Justin, Peter, Ray, Dean, Josh, Derek & Alex
front row from left: Andrea, Kim, Robert & Candice

New Work

We have published the pieces to come out of the 2009-2010 Craftsman Program in our past newsletter. Additional images will be published on our new website which I can assure you is coming soon.

Fine Furniture from 2009-2010 Craftsman Program

Registrations & Applications

We are currently accepting registrations for our Artisan Programs and applications for our Craftsman Program. If you would you would like more information or would like to register call Yvonne toll free at 1.877.943.9663. Alternatively registrations may be faxed to 1.604.885.9711

Be well and enjoy your work,