July 5, 2009

Welcome to our website and the current publication of Heart Hand and Eye, Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking's newsletter celebrating the work of our students, alumni and faculty.

Vidar's Chair

Wenge & Danish Cord
Robert Van Norman 2009

"He came on his bicycle, with the chair nearly finished, he had not yet decided on the back piece. He turned my shop into a disaster area. He would keep sawing blanks for the back piece. And he would put one in and he would draw on his pipe. He had a low voice and a calm way, he'd look back at that back piece and say "Ya, well, maybe, what would happen if we turn it upside down?" and we'd turn it upside down and now that wouldn't work. And then he'd saw another one and the clock was going around and around. It was one o'clock and two o'clock and finally he put a piece in there. He looked at it and then he went over to the bandsaw and he took a little bit here and a little bit there and he put it in there and he backed off and he said "Ya, well maybe it's better that way." and that was the back piece for the chair, the way it is now and forever. And it is not to my credit but the only thing that I cherish is the memory because he did not live after that. People like it it is a very comfortable chair, I am sitting in one of them right now talking to you. The prototype was finished in Jim Krenov's shop and that he and Vidar were very close friends. That's nice for people to remember. It
was around 1970."

James Krenov

Craftsman Program 2009

Class of 2009

Steve, Fergal, Michael, Jody, Ian & Jacques
Doug, Craig, Derek, Nick, Yosuke & Neil
Yvonne, Gary, Grig, Barb, Brad, Jason & Robert
absent - Daisuke, Juan Carlos & Hannah

I would like to extend my gratitude to this years Craftsman Program who really embraced our approach to craft resulting in some exquisite work, and an abundance of it. Follow the link below to view our work.

Fine Furniture Online

Alumni & Faculty

Our Resident Craftsman have offered to publish

Resident Craftsman Journal beginning this fall. This will offer a student's perspective of life at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking.

"I live in a beautiful place and work at something I love. I make enough money to live and my demands on the worlds resources are very meager."

John Brown

Artisan Program 2009

Hardware & Finish

Daisuke, Jorg, Dean, Hong & Robert

Veneers & Curves

Nick, Dean & Hank, Hong, Robert & Jorg

Joinery & Processes

Tom, Hong, Hank, Dean, Rick, Jorg & Alistair, Anjali, Daisuke, Robert & Kevin

Dovetails & Toolmaking

Dean, Daisuke, Robert, Larry, Tom, Dan & Hong, Anjali, Jorg, Alistair & Kevin

Planemaking & Surfaces

Hong, Dean, Maureen, Daisuke & Francois, Kim, Anjali, Robert & Jorg

Graphics & Edges

Jorg, Dean, Kim, Rick & Hong, Anjali, Maureen, Robert & Daisuke

I would like to take this opportunity to thank returning Artisan students Kim, Maureen, Dan and Kevin and welcome new students Anjali, Rick, Francois, Tom, Larry, Thomas, Alistair, Nick, and Hank. I would also like to congratulate and thank Hyun Soo Hong, Jorg Scott and Dean Slough on their completion of the Artisan Program. Hyun Soo Hong will be returning in just a few months for the Craftsman Program. I am reminded that our school not only exists for you but because of you.

I would like to thank resident craftsman Daisuke Tanaka who recently completed his second year of study. Daisuke sets a fine example as a craftsman but even more so human being. The desk above was completed during Daisuke's second year as a student. The desk in swiss pear, locally harvested arbutus and eastern maple and palmwood. The desk features four drawers that run on a curve. As the outside of the desk is not based on a symmetrical curve Daisuke had to make an intricate frame structure to house the drawers.

We have posted the dates for the Program Schedule or 2010. If you would like more information or if you would like to register please call Yvonne at 1.877.943.9663

The wall cabinet above in english brown oak, Imbuya and western maple was made by alumni and guest faculty Jacques Breau who joined us for the final two weeks of the program. Jacques is a fine young craftsman and teacher, the students benefited a great deal with his presence in the benchroom during a very busy time in the program.

I would like to thank our guest faculty for all their contributions. Jason Klager who had a wonderful influence on all of us and our work. He is a fine craftsman and teacher, we are grateful for his visits.

Ian for all he brings to the program, which is a great deal. In addition to working on a number of commissions, Ian has several limited edition speculative pieces such as the above stool. The above stool has gently tapered legs, lovely shaping and flawless execution. Congratulations Marnie, Ian and Maaike on the birth of Pippa Tuesday June 7th, 2009.

A heartfelt thanks to Jim for all his words of encouragement and inspiration, and to his wife Britta who makes our talks possible.

In closing I want to thank my friend, my partner in life and work. Yvonne for keeping me, our school and our family on course.

Be well and enjoy your work,