August 30, 2009

Welcome to our website and the current publication of Heart Hand and Eye, Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking's newsletter celebrating the work of our students, alumni and faculty.

Student & Faculty Work

Craftsman Program 2009

If you would like to view more of our work follow the link below

Fine Furniture Online

Alumni & Faculty

Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking is proud and grateful to introduce our 2009 alumni

Craftsman Program

Class of 2009

Steve, Fergal, Michael, Jody, Ian & Jacques,
Doug, Craig, Derek, Nick, Yosuke & Neil,
Yvonne, Gary, Grig, Barb, Brad, Jason & Robert
absent - Daisuke, Juan Carlos & Hannah

Artisan Program (first semester)

Graphics & Edges

Jorg, Dean, Kim, Rick & Hong
Anjali, Maureen, Robert & Daisuke

Planemaking & Surfaces

Hong, Dean, Maureen, Daisuke & Francois
Kim, Anjali, Robert & Jorg

Dovetails & Toolmaking

Dean, Daisuke, Robert, Larry, Tom, Dan & Hong
Anjali, Jorg, Alistair & Kevin

Joinery & Methods

Tom, Hong, Hank, Dean, Rick, Jorg & Alistair

Anjali, Daisuke, Robert & Kevin

Veneers & Curves

Nick, Dean & Hank
Hong, Robert & Jorg

Hardware & Finish

Daisuke, Jorg, Dean
Hong & Robert

Artisan Program (second semester)

Graphics & Edges

Daisuke, Stan, Larry, Keith, Doug, Jack & John
Irene, Tadi, Robert, Ricardo & Tom

Planemaking & Surfaces

Pascal, Larry, Daisuke, Ricardo & Stan
Pascal's children, John, Robert & Jack

Dovetails & Toolmaking

Daisuke, Ricardo, John & Irene
Steve, Robert, Jorg & Scott

Joinery & Methods

Phillip, Ron & John
Werner, Ricardo, Robert, Steve & Irene

Veneers & Curves

Rob, Steve, Justin
Ricardo, Robert & John

Hardware & Finish

Rob, Bill, John & Ricardo
Maaike, Tadi, Yvonne & Robert

We are accepting registrations for our Program Schedule for 2010. If you would you would like more information or would like to register call Yvonne toll free at 1.877.943.9663. Alternatively registrations may be faxed to 1.604.885.9711

We are currently accepting applications for the 2010-2011 Craftsman Program.

Our Resident Craftsman have offered to publish Resident Craftsman Journal beginning this fall. This will offer a student's perspective of life at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking. A few of our alumni maintain blogs focusing on their current work, Ian Godfrey and Nick Nelson are just two. Please visit our alumni pages for more details.

"Live simply that others may simply live."

Mahatma Gandhi

A heartfelt thanks to Jim for all his words of encouragement and inspiration, and to his wife Britta who makes our weekly talks possible.

On the final day of the Artisan Program we very fortunate to visit the shop of Bradley Hunt and his sons Shawn Hunt (shown above) and Dean. Leaving their humble work space I was left with a deep since of inspiration, watching this father son team at work.

"I live in a beautiful place and work at something Ilove. I make enough money to live and my demands on the worlds resources are very meager."

John Brown

In the past five years we have had nearly five hundred students from Japan, Korea, Australia, Colombia, South Africa, United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, England, Romania, Barbados, Zimbabwe, Switzerland and Venezuela.

In just ten days we begin our fifth Craftsman Program with a full compliment of students including three second year students and one third year student. I am filled with a deep since of gratitude to all of our students, alumni and faculty, this school not only exists for you but because of you.

Our Next exhibition of student, alumni and faculty work will take place on December 19, 2009 at our schools Heart Hand & Eye Gallery.

I would to thank my soul mate, my friend, my partner in life and work for keeping me, our school and our family on course.

Be well and enjoy your work,