June 7, 2008

Welcome to this weeks publication of Heart Hand and Eye, Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking's newsletter celebrating the work of our students, alumni and faculty.

Facility News

Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of our new gallery and office.

Other End of the Plank Gallery

Our gallery and office will be moving across the courtyard into the cottage adjacent to the Gumboot Cafe. In addition to our students alumni and faculty work, the gallery will also feature the work of a selected group of local artists and artisans. At the school, this means the addition of a dedicated Wood Room and new Benchroom for Robert with ample light and a separate entrance. With the additional room, we will be expanding our current inventory of hand picked planks.

"I made one object at a time because of the wood, because of the tools, with a certain idea and hope, and somehow these objects won friends and gradually, gradually, my confidence and experience increased. But for a very long time, it was touch and go. Even now, although people may think that I have got it made and things are going fine, even now I am only carrying my end of the plank. Someone else who is sharing life with me has believed from the beginning in what I am trying to do is carrying the other end of that plank"

A Cabinetmakers Notebook by James Krenov.

This quote has always been dear to me, it has always reminded me of Yvonne, and the support she has given me over the years. Each year during the Craftsman Program, I ask one of our students to share it with the class and our families. This year it was Paul Nielsen from Evergreen Alabama who read the quote at our graduation ceremonies. So, as we said goodbye to Paul and Robyn on Wednesday morning, I thought back on the many special people who have done what ever it took to allow us to follow this passion for craft.

The gallery and school renovations are already underway. Yvonne has been painting intends to have the office moved by the end of next week. Doug has the wall up and door hung between Robert's new benchroom and wood room. We will be in contact with our alumni in the coming months and arranging individual and collaborative shows. The Gallery will continue to hold both our Open House & Show in January and our Student Alumni & Faculty show in May of each year. Watch for details in upcoming publications of Heart Hand & Eye.

Warmest Well Wishes,
Robert & Yvonne

JK Lectures

This week Jim spoke about dovetails and drawer making. In addition to pointing out the many subtleties which contribute to doing fine work, Jim continues to talk about our craft with deep humility and encouragement. We are so grateful for Jim's involvement with our small school.

We will be meeting with a consultant this coming week to discuss the most efficient way to make segments of these lectures available for our readers.

Resident Journeyman Program

Doug Ives from Gibsons British Columbia works on the mockup for the pierce carving which will be inset into the gentle sweeping arch at the top of his cabinet. Doug has been a tremendous help to Yvonne and I with all the renovations underway. He has a very similar approach to finish carpentry as he does in our craft. I enjoy watching Doug work.

Juan Carlos from Caracas Venezuela shares with this weeks class the of fitting drawer parts to the drawer pocket. Our students learn a great deal watching our Resident Journeyman at work. Both have rather complex pieces underway and nearing completion. Juan Carlos is a fine mentor to our students always willing to lend a hand.

We said farewell to Paul Nielsen and his wife Robyn from Evergreen Alabama. Both Paul and Robyn will be dearly missed by all of us at the school and this community. As a couple they really exemplified what this school is all about. We hope to bring Paul back to take part in the Journeyman Program during a future Craftsman Program. He is a fine young craftsman with with an un compromised approach to our craft.

Artisan Program

Artisan B - Plane Making & Surfaces

from Left Brian, Kathleen, Paul, Doug, Juan Carlos, Jack, Lars, Josh, Tadi, Robert, Anna, Kunga, Jamie, Amber, Chris & Chuck

Artisan C - Dovetails & Tool Making


from left Kathleen, Ryan, Jack, Juan Carlos, Kunga, Josh, Kim, Robyn, Robert, Doug & Paul

Jack West from Fort Jones California uses his cocobolo jointer made last week to fit his drawer sides to the drawer pocket on his student cabinet. Jack has taken full advantage of the bonus evening and Saturday hours available at the school. This morning, Robert went through the process of making small wooden squares and diagonal sticks like the ones Jim has used for many years.

Kunga Delotsange from New York via Tibet selects the material for his drawer. Each student is encouraged to discover the working properties of a variety of woods. Since the beginning of the program the students have used, jatoba, maple, ash, poplar, red cabruva, padauk, alder and wenge. Kunga's lovely family are regular visitors at the school. We enjoy having our families around the school.

Kathleen Murphy from Edmonton Alberta uses adhesive backed sandpaper to clean up her shop made paring chisel. Old files including needle files are a fine source for carbon steel which can be annealed (or softened) shaped, hardened and tempered with simple readily available tools and materials. Kathleen is taking full advantage of the beautiful place we live and work with morning walks on the beach. We all need to do more of that.

Josh Shrae from Anchorage Alaska uses one of our hand grinders to grind a bevel on one of his shop made chisels. Josh has really embraced the tool making aspect of our program and is taking full advantage of his time here at the school. In addition to making a drawer he made several chisels and tools this week. He has also been taking the time to refine many of the tools he brought along.

Ryan Inmann from Vancouver via South Africa uses a shop made paring chisel to pare a tail on the half blind dovetails on the front joinery of his drawer. Ryan took Hand & Machine Tools and Plane Making & Surfaces last year and has returned to complete the last four weeks of the Artisan Program. Many of our students who take classes a week or two at a time develop friendships with their classmates and return to take classes together again. It is nice to be a part of these reunions.

Kim Larson from Seattle Washington cleans up the corners of her very sweet dovetails. Kim will be staying on for Joinery & Design next week. She has been such a lovely addition to an already exceptional group of people. Kim joined us on Saturday for the bonus day and made a set of diagonal sticks out of wenge. Kim's partner Roger came up for the weekend. He flew into Pender Harbor and road his bike down to the creek in a heavy rain.


Resident Craftsman & Teacher Robert Van Norman shared with this weeks class, the gratifying process of making and fitting a drawer. Students were also invited to explore simple tool making with chisels, bevel gauges, diagonal sticks and squares.


Chi Chi

Alumni Bench Order

Our annual alumni bench order has left Sweden. Leif has made and donated a left handed bench for our students which will accompany our order. Then went onto mention something about pints and the olympics. If you would like more information about these hand crafted benches visit Målilla Hyvelbänkar. Our school will be placing another alumni order next spring.


The grand opening of Other End of the Plank Gallery will take place the day after first elephants first Elephants. We hope that you will join us.

Artisan & Craftsman for Programs 2008 -2009

There is limited space available in our Artisan Programs for 2008. If you would you would like more information or would like to register call Yvonne toll free at 1.877.943.9663. Alternatively registrations may be faxed to 1.604.885.9711.

We have confirmed our first-year students for the 2008-2009 Craftsman Program. The group consists of men and women from Japan, Ireland, Columbia, United States & Canada. We are currently accepting applications for the 2009-2010 Craftsman Program.

Artisan Program Schedule for 2009

New Program

Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking is pleased to announce the addition of a new program at the school. The Resident Artisan Program picks up where the Artisan Program leaves off allowing graduates of our Artisan Program the opportunity to return to the school and for the designing and making of a fine piece of furniture under the direction of Inside Passage School of Fine Woodworking Faculty and Resident Craftsman.

The Resident Artisan Program provides a great opportunity to refine existing skills and develop new skills in a relaxed and creative environment conducive to doing fine work.

There is limited space in this program. Currently the first session is full and we are accepting registrations for the second session which runs from July 14th to August 22nd 2008. We are now booking Resident Artisan Registrations for 2009. If you would like more information about this program contact Yvonne at 1.877.943.9663 and arrange for an initial consultation with our Program Director.