August 24, 2008

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our current students and alumni. This school not only exists for you but because of you. I would also like to thank our faculty, Juan Carlos, Ian and Gary for their ongoing assistance. We are very grateful have your association with our small school. I would also like extend a special thank you to Yvonne for keeping the school, our family and me on track.

In just two weeks we will begin our fall session of the Craftsman & Resident Craftsman Programs. This years group consists of men and women from Japan, Romania, Ireland, Columbia, United States & Canada. Over the next two weeks we will prepare the school for this falls class and take some rest in preparation of our busy fall schedule. The Office will be closed the week of August 25th. Thank you for your onging support and interest.

Warmest Regards,


JK Lectures

"Hi Jim, I'm Hannah, I'm from England, I came all the way to see Robert, and he's an amazing teacher, thank you very much for teaching him what you do. You've done alot for us."

"Hi I'm Grig from Romania, and I want to thank you for writing those books and teaching Robert so well."

" Jim, this is Brian I am from Canada here, I just like to thank you for your books, they have been a real inspiration and guiding what I do for a living, and I would just like to thank you very much."

"I am grateful to all of you, words like that warm my heart. You've been to a good school, you've learned a lot of the do's and the don'ts. I didn't so much as teach you but prepared you for for learning. I can give you pointers which will make it easier for you wherever you are to work safely, to work more accurately and learn to relax, and if I have done a little bit of that than thank you ever so much, you made my day..."

"That's wonderful for me to hear, you know, because sometimes I ask Robert what help am I, and he tolerates me more or less you know, we are still friends. So for all of you who have spent a pleasent and gratifying time there I want to wish you first of all health, secondly happyness. One of the reason I think, I wrote Notebook (A Cabinetmakers Notebook) which changed many lives, was because I kept meeting people who hated their jobs, I mean they really did. Every day was a drag, I mean they had to get up, go to work, and come home tired and not happy and I sat down and wrote Notebook from the heart. Don't be unhappy, choose work that brings you that final reward, not just money, but happiness... remember the things that are important to you and try to include them in your life."

Jim Krenov and students August 12, 2008

Artisan Program

Brian from Saltspring Island British Columbia uses his very sweet smoothing plane made in the second week to flush the joinery on his fine dovetailed box.

Our Artsian Program like our Craftsman Program is very intensive, leaving little time for anything else. Not only did Brian complete the exercises, and do them very well. He managed to make a small dovetailed box of Europeon beech, sycamore and red cabruva. He has a strong work ethic and wonderful enthusiasm for our craft. Brian is returning to Saltspring Island but will be returning next fall for our Craftsman Program. Brian was a real pleasure to have and will be dearly missed.

Hannah from England checks the fit of here veneer and substraight of her panel to her form shaped with a hand plane. Hannah ended up at the school by default when her brother was unable to come after the birth of his daughter. We enjoyed Hannah immencly and dearly look forward to here return for next years Craftsman Program. Hannah will be returning to finish Carpentry until next fall and plans to employe many of the skills aquired and refined over the last few weeks. I wish we had room for this fine young craftsman this fall. Her father and mother made the trip all the way from England for our graduation cerimonies. Hannah's father has worked in the steel industry for fourty years and has offered to assisit us with the metal working aspect of the program. Her mother is a book binder. I enjoyed very much talking to her about the craft. Hannah will be missed very much by all of us at the school.

Sascha from Germany is really not doing anything here but he does have a very nice smile. Sascha will be heading out on the North Coast Trail before traveling to Venezulea where he will be staying with family of Juan Carlos and Beatriz. Sascha brough presion to our school and was a absolute pleasure to have hear. We hope to have the opportunity to work with this fine young craftsman again soon. Sascha was refered to our small school by James Astorian a graduate of the Artisan Program and patron of the school. Thanks again Jim, we are happy to take students like this.

Lisa from Bowen Island British Columbia uses her fine wooden plane made in the second week of the program to taper the edges of her coopered panel exercise. Lisa left a lovely gift for all of us at the school. A expresso machine to replace the old one of Roberts which finally gave out after fifteen years. Lisa was a real treat to have at the school she arrived each morning just after seven following a six kilometer commute by bike from her campground, often with breakfast for everyone. She was very focused and did exceptional work. We will miss her gentle smile and humility. A specil thanks to Jeff for keeping the home fires burning and for taking on the extra commute. Brian and Hannah are all hoping to convince her to return with them for next years Craftsman Program.

Grig from Romania pours lead into one of our lofting duck molds. We had a last minute cancillation in the Craftsman Program. We offered it to Grig who will be joining fifteen others from accross Europe, Asia, North and South America. We are so very grateful to have this young man back for our Craftsman Program. He did some very fine work at the school over the past six weeks.

Maureen from Kelowna British Columbia applies her shop sawn maple veneers to her panel just prior to dry run in the vacuum press. Maureen is the technicion of the fine arts program at the University of the Okanogan, and a graduate of the Selkirk College Woodworking Program. We enjoyed haveing her and her partner Lloyd very much. We will look forward to her return next summer.

Jacob from Vancouver British Columbia uses a block plane from one of our student kits to carefully flush the baked in edges of his substraight for his curved veneer panel exercise. Jacob has just returnedto Canada from Loas where he was envolved with sustainable housing. A sweet man who was very focused while at the school.

Resident Craftsman

Sorry no pictures of Resident Craftsman Doug Ives who has been rather elusive as of late. He has three projects on the go including two commissions and a speculative piece.


Resident Craftsman & Teacher Juan Carlos Fernandez with dry run of his stand in mahogany. If you would like to see this piece in person, don't miss the opening of our new gallery, Heart Hand & Eye on September 13, 2008 at 7pm. Juan Carlos will continue to teach afternoons in the first semester of the Craftsman Program after which time he will move to mornings. We are grateful to have this fine young Resident Craftsman & Teacher on our faculty.

Resident Craftsman & Teacher Robert Van Norman takes the students through the process of setting up our small general bandsaw to cut veneers. Robert has his benchroom almost complete and will be completing two three comissions this fall before returning to a speculative piece.


Grig, Sascha & Hannah enjoy an ice cream on a very warm afternoon

Artisan Programs 2008


Artisan F - Hardware & Finish

from left Sascha, Lisa, Grig, Chi Chi, Juan Carlos, Hannah, Beatriz, Doug, Robert & Brian

Artisan E - Veneers & Curves

from left Doug, Hannah, Robert, Lisa, Maureen, Grig, Brian, Juan Carlos, Jacob, Yvonne & Sascha

Artisan D - Joinery

from left Uri, Doug, Sascha, Brian, The Unknown Craftsman, Lisa, Grig, Beatriz, Juan Carlos, Jason, Hannah & Robert

Artisan C - Dovetails & Tool Making

Sorry we do not have a group photograph

Artisan B - Plane Making & Surfaces

from left Sascha, Daniel, Juan Carlos & Chi Chi, Grig, Charles, Robert, Rick, the Unknown Craftsman, Hannah, Lisa, Philippe, Uri, Michael & Brian

Artisan A - Hand & Machine Tools

from left Grig, Brian, Miriam, Doug, Lisa, Jacqueline, Robert, Hannah, Dan, Michael, Juan Carlos & Chi Chi, Charles, Rick with daughter in law and grand daughter (from Venezuela) & Uri

Artisan F - Hardware & Finish

from left Dan, Robert, Jack, Kunga, Ryan, Kathleen, the Unknown Craftsman & Josh

Artisan E - Veneers & Curves

from left Doug, Juan Carlos, Ryan, Kunga, Josh, Kathleen, Kenji, Robert, Jack, Carl, The Unknown Craftsman, Jamie, Dan, Aaron

Artisan D - Joinery

from left Kathleen, Bill, Ryan, Jacqueline, Josh, Robert, Kunga, Jack, The Unknown Craftsman, Kim, Juan Carlos, Chi Chi, Kenji

Artisan C - Dovetails & Tools Making

from left Kathleen, Ryan, Jack, Juan Carlos, Kunga, The Unknown Craftsman, Josh, Kim, Robyn, Robert, Doug & Paul

Artisan B - Plane Making & Surfaces

from Left Brian, Kathleen, Paul, Doug, Juan Carlos, Jack, Lars, Josh, Tadi, Robert, The Unknown Craftsman, Anna, Kunga, Jamie, Amber, Chris & Chuck

Artisan A - Hand & Machine Tools

Back row from left Juan Carlos, Paul, Jim, Jack, Robert, Kunga, Rebecca, The Unknown Craftsman, Shannon, Kathleen, Doug, Dan, Alex Front row from left Chi Chi, Josh


A reminder to all alumni the opening of the gallery celebrations including alumni dinner will take place the weekend of the 13th of September, we hope you can make it. Contact Yvonne at the school for more information toll free 1.877.943.9663.

Artisan & Craftsman for Programs 2009

We are accepting registrations for our Artisan Programs for 2009. If you would you would like more information or would like to register call Yvonne toll free at 1.877.943.9663. Alternatively registrations may be faxed to 1.604.885.9711.

We are currently accepting applications for the 2009-2010 Craftsman Program.

Artisan Program Schedule for 2009