oden130x135Meredith Nicole


Meredith Nicole founded Oden Gallery on the vision of uniting lovers of fine home furnishings with the artisans who handcraft them. Relying on her myriad of creative and strategic skills and a strong philosophy to live and work with high ideals and conscious intention, Meredith built Oden in a fashion similar to the way she creates her furniture: by seizing inspiration, creating a plan, and sculpting it into a handcrafted legacy. Meredith is not only a spirited entrepreneur but is herself proudly an artisan of handcrafted furniture and an enthusiastic realizer of dreams.

The online gallery of fine furniture represents several of Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking alumni including: Jason Klager, Ian Godfrey, Nicholas Nelson, Craig Johnson, Ryan Inman, Kylle Sebree, Jacques Breau, Laël Gordon and of course Meredith Nicole.