April 30, 2007

Back of Scott's Chair in Narra with joinery complete and shaping underway. Scott will complete the shaping in the next few days before moving onto prefinishing and assembly. Scott has done a fine job with both the workmanship and grain graphic selection and has learned a great deal in this rather demanding first chair.

Federico's compound curved parquetry cabinet with doors fit and dialed in. Since this picture was taken the center rabbit for the doors has been done and the drawer compartment is underway. I have been unable to photograph this piece and do it any justice; it has to be seen to truly appreciate this inspiring piece finished in polish and wax.

Jon's shop made rosette installed. Neck shaping and interior bracing is underway.

The back of Jacques' cabinet of doussie and spalted maple glued up. Since this photo was taken the shelves and the access door at the top have been installed. The front doors have been fit and he is mocking up handles. Come by our open house and see this and other new work by our students.

Juan Carlos' hinges nicely fit in top of curved cabinet. Juan has since moved onto finishing and assembly. We are very pleased that Juan will be joining us for a second year of study.

Interior of Lael's cabinet complete with shelves and NK drawers of yew and western maple. Lael's entire piece is made of locally harvested woods. Earlier in the program JK suggested mocking up stands once cabinets were nearing completion. Lael has learned the benefit of this, as the stand will be much higher than he originally intended. The design and workmanship of this piece is everything a teacher hopes for his student.

Steve's cabinet glued up with drawers underway. Steve has done a wonderful job stretching what was a small piece of claro walnut into a fine cabinet. Although he did have to go through a pile of yew destined for firewood to find suitable material for the interior of the cabinet.

Lael's cabinet with doors fit. Notice the attention to detail as parquetry pattern wraps around the edge of door and side of cabinet. So little yet so much.

Cole's boxes assembled. This piece incorporates both solid and veneer construction as well as extensive metal work well underway. Cole has really embraced the metal work aspect of our program.

Juan Carlos' layout for hinges. As the top, bottom and sides of his cabinet are curved, Juan Carlos needed to make and install double offset "L" hinges. As the top and bottom curves and angles are not consistent (intentionally), each set of hinges were slightly different.

Lael & Jacques play foosball on the deck. The foosball table was donated by Gary Kent and the Roberts Creek Cohousing and has provided our students many hours of intentional distraction.

Robert's upcoming lectures will deal with slip seat upholstery and passage doors. The following week we will have our annual "Life after School" discussion.

The Benchroom This Week...

April 14, 2007


Federico's compound curved parquetry cabinet dry fit. Federico is now finalizing surface preparation and finishing and has moved onto the interior drawer unit. A lovely piece filled with delightful details.

Jon shapes the neck for his classical guitar. The soundboard rosette has been installed and the sides bent. Jon's musical background will be a tremendous advantage when it comes to the final adjustment of his instrument.

Scott's twin mortise and tenon chair joinery underway. The chair is made of Narra, a lovely plank which was brought back from Gilmer's in Portland during our fall wood run and features a Danish cord seat.

Lael's parquetry cabinet dry fit. The parquetry and workmanship of this piece is exquisite and has been submitted for jury approval for the Edge of the Forest Exhibit taking place in North Vancouver this June.

Steve's cabinet dry fit. Steve has done a fine job working through the many facets of this piece which includes shop sawn veneer, dowel construction and shop made hinges.

Ian's chair dry fit. Ian is awaiting the leather upholstery work to be complete before moving onto final assemble. Ian will be submitting this piece to the Northwest Furniture Gallery in Seattle, a place he has previously shown for jury selection.

A detail of Jacques' Cabinet's shelf to side and back joinery. The rails are splined to the sides. The legs are then doweled to the sides. The shelves are splined to the side rails and these units are then doweled to the legs. A lot of work goes into furniture of this quality.

Juan uses a spoke shave to flush off his applied edges on the curved sides, top & bottom of his wall cabinet of bubinga and pear. We are pleased that Juan will be joining us for as second year of study.

Claire, Jacques' partner recently took part in the April Fools' half marathon here on the Sunshine Coast. Claire tutors Robert and Yvonne's daughter Tadi who was there to cheer on her favorite teacher. Federico also took part in the run as part of his training for the upcoming Vancouver marathon which takes place in May.

Juan's cabinet dry fit. Juan used the vacuum press and a form to bend the sides of Italian bending plywood prior to application of backed in edges, veneers and then applied edges. Juan has since moved onto the doweling of the carcass, the veneered back and the back panel, which you will have to wait to see in an upcoming issue of Benchroom this Week.

Todd in his final week demonstrates California French Polish, a method he learned while training with Ejler Hjorth-Westh. We are very grateful for Todd's involvement with this year's program. He is a fine craftsman and teacher and we look forward to his next visit. We have begun selecting craftsman to take part in next year's craftsman program which consist of both graduates from both Inside Passage and the College of the Redwoods. The Journeyman Program provides our students with the opportunity to study with woodworkers who are working at our craft professionally.

Scott's narra chair dry fit. One of Scott's goals this year was to get an introduction to compound angled joinery, a chair was a logical place to start. After a thorough mock up, which included mocking up the Danish cord seat weave pattern, Scott hit the ground running and is well into his joinery.

Steve's hinges underway. In the first semester Steve used butt hinges for his box so this has been a bit of a refresher in hinge making and installation. The following images show; his hinges underway; placement for installation; and a fine job of installation.

The benchroom is a busy place with many of our students preparing work for a number of shows being held in Vancouver and Victoria in conjunction with the upcoming Furniture Society Conference being held in Victoria.

Juliette presents her spice box complete with hand sewn spice pouches and lovely carved spoons. Juliette has decided to use the remainder of her time here making planes which will foster her enjoyment of handwork.

Jacques showcase cabinet dry fit. This piece is being juried for the Edge of the Forest Show being held this June in North Vancouver. We will release details in upcoming issues of Benchroom this Week.