June 29, 2007

Artisan A – Hand & machine Tools from left Ian, Robert, Stan, Nick, Bart, Doug, Juan Carlos, Henry & Kevin.

Kevin adjusts the knives on the jointer. Kevin, who is originally from Zimbabwe will be joining us for Plane Making and Surfaces this coming week.

Nick gets some fine shavings of his wooden smoother. A nice young man and aspiring craftsman from Sechelt.

Artisan B Plane Making & Surfaces and Artisan C Dovetails & Tool Making from left Ian, Kevin, Jason, Stan, Bart, Robert, Juan Carlos, Henry & Doug.

Doug checks the ramp of his wooden smoother for square. Doug is an Instructor at British Columbia Institute of Technology. We enjoyed very much having Doug with us for four weeks.

Bart shapes his wooden smoother. Bart is from Belgium and joined us four three weeks of programs this summer. Hopefully we can encourage him to return someday for another visit with his family.

Henry cleans up his half lapped dovetails. One of two six week Artisan Program students in our first session. Henry brought with him a great deal of experience as a cabinetmaker and has developed some very fine hand skills while at the school. Henry also took part in Brian Newell’s program immediately following the Artisan Program.

Stan cleans up his half lapped dovetails. Stan and his wife Barb joined us from Santa Barbra California. This was Stan’s second visit to our school and in addition to the six week Artisan Program Stan took both guest faculty programs this summer. Stan and his wife are dearly missed. I am often looking for his warm smile at his bench. We look forward to his next visit.

Ian demonstrates drawer fitting. Ian has developed into a fine teacher and is in the process of setting up his shop in Roberts Creek just down the road from our school. We will watch with anticipation for the fine pieces that will come from his shop.

Artisan D Joinery from left Stan, Nerissa, Robert, Kevin, Juan Carlos, Henry, Ian & Doug.

Nerissa with her doweled cabinet. Nerissa has returned for her second three-week stint at the school. Nerissa has set up a large Artisan Cooperative in Whitehorse Yukon.

Stan routes a groove for his panel. Stan really embraced the sensible balance between the use of hand and machine tools at the school. It is without hesitation that I would describe Stan as a true Krenovian.

Henry cleans out the rabbit for his frame & panel back.

On the Thursday evening teachers, students and alumni traveled to North Vancouver for the opening of the show “From the edge of the Forest”. We enjoyed a lovely meal at a small Greek restaurant before attending the opening. As a teacher, one gets a great deal of satisfaction watching the public praise student’s work. Jacques who was in attendance received well-received praise for his lovely piece. Lael was unable to attend as he was on a fishing boat in the ocean of the Alaskan coast. Lael will be setting up shop this fall. We were grateful to have these two fine craftsmen at our school and look forward to watching their progress. Jacques, if time permits will be joining us for the Journeyman Program in the spring.

From left: Jacques, Claire, Bruce, Kevin, Ian, Nerissa, Stan, Henry and Doug.

Artisan E Veneers & Curves and Artisan F Hardware & Finish from left Juan Carlos, Mark, Kevin, Robert, Stan, Federico, John, Michael, Henry, Nerissa, Bruce & Ian.

John planes the concave surfaces of his coopering exercise. John is a fine young craftsman from Minnesota here on a scholarship from the fine guild there.

A floor full of shavings what a great environment!

Michael trims his form for the curved veneer exercise. Michael and his partner, who is a weaver, are from Olympia Washington. Michael will be the first student to take part in our Resident Artisan Program this fall a program with a great deal of flexibility where the student is intimately involved with his or her own education. See our programs page for more details.

Robert demonstrates setting up the bandsaw for cutting veneer. Even a small saw if well tuned and set is capable of amazing results.

Mark shapes the convex of two of his staves during coopering exercise. Students now have the benefit of a wooden coopering plane; which Ian made for our student cabinets. Mark is from Vancouver Island and was joined by his wife for his first visit. Mark his since returned for Delightful Details with Garrett Hack.

Hinges and hardware underway. In Artisan F Hardware & Finish, students have the opportunity to make wooden latches, consoles and pulls. They are also introduced to brass work where they fabricate straight and “L” hinges. Furthermore they are exposed to the simple yet effective finishes used here at the school.