When the World is Still

At the beginning of this past term, I made some changes in my daily routine, in an effort to find my way back to the work. I have always known, that I do my best work in the mornings. I also know that I need between three and four hours to really get into the rhythm of my work, and to work efficiently. This meant I needed to move my mediation to the evening, and I would need an even earlier start to my day. 

I began to rise each morning at four and wandered out to my workshop, lit a candle, and returned to Jim’s books. At first, I would just read for several hours before heading into teach. Then something happened, I was reading less each morning, and had let go, giving way to my work. This is the time of day when I am happiest, when the world is still, and I am lost in my work.
Be well and enjoy your work,