Vidar's Chair - Tools & Text

Required Tools:

Smoothing plane
Jointer plane
Low angle block plane
Hock chair scrape iron (provided)
Small flat bottom spokeshave
Small curved bottom spokeshave
Cabinet scraper
Burnisher *
Small plane adjustment & chisel hammer
12″ Combination square
Small sliding square
Bevel gauge
Carving knife
Chisels (3mm, 6mm,9mm & 15mm)
Diagonal Sticks
Dovetail saw
Water stones 1000 & 8000
Diamond lapping plate
8″ oberg cut file *
8″ 1/2 Round 2nd cut file *
8″ whiz cut file *
Safety glasses
Hearing protectors

Recommended Tools:

Small Auxiliary Bench Vice
Carving Knife
Carving Tools
Needle files

* Available at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking

Complete student tool kits and required texts are available for loan (please contact the school for availability)


Required Texts:

Recommended Texts: 

Worker in Wood
by James Krenov

With Wakened Hands
by James Krenov

The Unknown Craftsman
by Soetsu Yanagi