Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Frame & Panel

We begin this segment of the program discussing and preparing the material for our frame and panel back. The Rabbets are cleaned out and edge treatment around the rabbet is completed, and story sticks are made for dimensioning our stock. Graphics and allowances for seasonal movement are taken into consideration as we select, cut and mill our wood to dimension, using the bandsaw, jointer, planer and table or dimension saw. 

The frame of our back is made using frame, or open mortise and tenon joinery. The open mortises are cut on the bandsaw. The shoulders for the tenons are cut on the table or dimension saw and the cheeks are cut on the bandsaw and fitted by hand, using a chisel and file. 

The mid rail is laid out and a mortise is cut using an end mill fitted in one of our boring machines. The tenon is cut using the table saw and bandsaw at which time the ends are rounded and the tenon is carefully fit to the mortise. 

We use the frame as a negative template to select the material for our panel. The panel is edge jointed and set aside to rest. The slot is run on the shaper which will accept the panel, and story sticks are made to dimension the panel.

The panel is jointed and thicknesses planed, and cut to length and width. Surface preparation of the back surface of the panel is completed and a lip is run on the shaper with a modified router bit. The lip of the panel is fitted to our frame, and a hidden dowel pin is fitted to hold the panel in place allowing it to come and go with seasonal humidity changes. The interior edge treatment of the frame is completed and are polished along with the panel in preparation for assembly. After a careful dry run, the frame is assembled.

The frame is flushed and the back is fitted into the rabbet in the back of the cabinet. The frame and panel is polished and assembled into the back of the cabinet. The wall hangers made previously in the program are carefully fitted into the back of the cabinet. 

The door is fitted to the cabinet and and a pull is carved and fitted. Surface preparation and edge treatment is done, polish applied and the door is set into the cabinet for a final time. 

With our cabinet complete, we turn our attention to a set of ‘Krenovian’ sawhorses to be made in Mortise & Tenon.

Impractical Studies