Impractical Studies

ten Week Program — $8750
all materials provided


Sensitive & Sensible Approach
Graphics & Edges
Plane Making & Irons
Coopering & Curved Bottom Planes
Joinery & Surfaces
Latches & Fittings
Drawer Making & Fitting
Frame & Panel
Mortise & Tenon
Veneers & Curves




“It makes me happy that this small school intends to return to the traditional.  To the values and no gadgets methods which have nourished our craft for a very long time. Dedication, a simple logic in what we do and how we do it. For some, there is a lure; mysteriously elusive wood, tools that follow one's intention, an awareness that our craft is an intimately timeless education. If you feel even a bit of this… persevere.  Enjoy.  The journey may change your life.”
- James Krenov

Upon completion of the Impractical Studies program, students may apply for entrance into our Upward Spiral program. Registrations for Impractical Studies may be made by mail, e-mail, phone or fax:

registration Package

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