Kevin Shea photography

Kevin Shea photography

Sensitive & Sensible Approach

Our school and its program is founded on and dedicated to the teachings of James Krenov. At Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking, students are encouraged to discover and explore the intimate relationship that exists between the wood, the tools and the details of fine cabinetmaking. A sensitive and sensible approach to our craft is taught and practiced in our work. James Krenov served as an advisor to our school from it's inception, until he passed away in the fall of 2009. 

"Wanting to be a craftsman, or a woodworker, there are, I believe limited choices. The emphasis these days is on novelty, efficiency with very little individual contribution; many schools follow this trend. There are relatively few schools, in fact very few schools that educate a person to become a complete craftsman in wood. One of the schools I have been following and observing is at Roberts Creek in Canada, it is called Inside Passage School. I know the people there, I like what they are doing and I like very much the way they are doing it. The emphasis is on hand skills, not primitive methods but efficient skills. Work that that can be traced to the maker, the hand, the eye and the heart. The staff is open and warm and generous and there is an opportunity there at Roberts Creek to develop the skills that support this approach. In fact the kind of work that I have for many years encouraged, the craftsman as an individual. I think that this will emerge gradually as the school for the complete craftsman. If I were starting my life today as a craftsman, and needed to learn what matters the most; my choice would be Inside Passage School." - James Krenov

With this in mind, we begin our journey with Graphics & Edges

Impractical Studies