Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Latches & Fittings

During this segment of the program, we will explore an important aspect of our craft; the making and installation of shop made specific hardware. We will emphasize simple methods using simple tools previously made or modified and readily available materials. 

We will make a set of knife hinges using brass bar stock and drill rod. A hacksaw is used to roughly saw the stock to length, and then they are glued in pairs and dimensioned using our small metalworking grinder and sander. They are drilled, using a series of numerical drill bits, countersinks and reamers, in preparation for the screws and the drill rod pin, which is now pressed in place after the hinges have been separated, reamed and cleaned up, using sandpaper and files. The hinges will be fitted into the top and bottom of the cabinets prior to final surface preparation, edge treatment, polish and assembly. Wall hangers are made and will be installed in our cabinets during the Frame & Panel segment of the program. We then fabricate another knife to be used to carve the wooden hardware for our cabinet. 

Our cabinet door will be held in place using a small wooden ‘Krenovian’ latch. The latch is carved, fitted and installed into the top of our cabinets and a leveller is carved and fitted into the bottom.

Our cabinet will have a fixed shelf, or partition, and an adjustable shelf; which will be supported with small consoles, which we rough out on the table saw and bandsaw, and then carve using our shop made knives and chisels. Home work for the this segment, can be done at the beach.

With the hardware all carefully fit, edge treatment of the top and bottom is completed and polish applied. The cabinet is assembled in preparation for the pocket and the drawer to be made and fit during Dovetails & Tool Making.

Impractical Studies