Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Dovetails & Tool Making

When cutting fine dovetail joinery by hand, we recognize immediately, that to do work of this kind, we require tools specific to the task at hand. In this program we continue with the process of tool making and modification. We make a few tools specific to laying out, cutting, and fitting of both half blind and through dovetails.

We begin with the making of a paring chisel and fishtail chisel from an old file. The file, is annealed, or softened, shaped, then hardened and tempered using readily available materials and tools. Existing tools are modified so that they are capable of the work we are asking of them.

We will make a few layout and assembly tools such as bevel gauges and diagonal sticks, this gives us the opportunity to work with a variety of previous woods, further exploring the many possibilities that exist within our craft.

While we make and prepare our tools and practice the fine hand cut joinery, we take this opportunity to prepare our pocket and drawer material for Drawer Making & Fitting.

Impractical Studies