Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Drawer Making & Fitting

We begin this segment of the program preparing and fitting the partition that will complete our drawer pocket, at which time the stock for our drawer is rough sawn and allowed to settle. It is best to leave drawer stock rest as long as possible: stock that has acclimatized to our shops for months or better yet, years. With the clamps removed, the pocket is checked for flatness and bumps. Adjustments are made using plane irons, and or files. 

With our drawer pocket dialled in, drawer stock is taken to final dimension and the inside surfaces are prepared using one of our fine planes made earlier in the program. The stock is then carefully fit to the pocket. Seasonal consideration is discussed, and the drawer is made for optimal year-round conditions based on the season in which the drawer is being made. 

We use tools previously made and modified to layout, cut and fit the half blind dovetails in the front of our drawer. A finger pull is cut and carved and the drawer sides are cut to length, at which time the rear joinery for the drawer is cut using these same tools. We now look at spacing, and explore the subtle flaring of our joinery. 

With the drawer joinery complete and the drawer dry fit, the bottom of the drawer is flushed using one of our fine planes. The slot is then run on the shaper, to accept the drawer bottom. Set backs, edge treatments and the surface preparation is completed in preparation for for assembly. Cauls are made, and following a dry run, the drawer is assembled. 

The drawer is then fit to the pocket with ‘let go’: that is, the drawer is ever so slightly tapered toward the back providing a sweet run and pinches just a little before coming out to prevent one from pulling the drawer out too far and potentially dropping it on the floor. While the drawer is fit from the back of the cabinet making the process much easier, when fit, the drawer is inserted through the front of the pocket. With the drawer fit, the frame and panel back of the cabinet will be made and fit in Frame & Panel

Impractical Studies