Bengt Carlen photography

Bengt Carlen photography

Joinery & Surfaces

With the coopered door to final shape and surfaces dialled in, we are ready to begin our cabinet. The material for our cabinet has been resting for several weeks. Using the bandsaw, jointer, planer and table saw our material is milled to final dimension. We avoid the use of measuring devices opting for story sticks and flexible accuracy.

The cabinet will be made using dowel construction, commonly misconceived as a less than desirable method of joining wood. However, when done well and used in the appropriate application, doweling can be an ideal and effective means of joinery. A very straightforward and simple process will be demonstrated and practiced. 

Rabbets will be made to accommodate the back made during the Frame & Panel segment of the program. Spline joinery will be used to make the drawer pocket which will house a drawer that will be made during the Drawer Making & Fitting segment of the program.

We finish out this segment of the program completing the shaping, surface preparation and edge treatment of the sides of our cabinet and prepare and apply polish (shellac). The top and bottom edge treatment is begun in preparation for the installation of shop made hardware to be made during Latches & Fittings.

Impractical Studies