Tom Dull — San Francisco, California, USA

I can’t say enough good things about Robert Van Norman’s skill as a teacher. I never thought that I would have the patience or skill to hand-cut dovetails or hand plane surfaces and edges. As a matter of fact I would have considered myself a skeptic. I did know that there was something about woodwork done by Krenov students that just seemed “right”. This led me to a basic woodworking class taught by Robert. What a revelation! I still use all my machines, but then I can shut them off, open the doors, listen to music (or shavings) and really enjoy the wood.

Yes, I can make subtle edges and sweet surfaces. I can cut refined dovetails with a chisel. Robert’s skill with both wood and students of all abilities makes studying with him a true joy. He gives clear demonstrations, then gently cajoles his students into doing better work than they thought possible.